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Original Denver Police test.

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Product Comparison


PhotoBlocker™ Spray

Our Competitors:


  • Proven to WORK
  • Independently tested by the Denver Police Department
  • Featured on NBC News, CBS News, Washington Time, Daily Mail UK, Swedish and Norwegian Newspapers
  • Price: $29.99 for a large 6oz. can
  • One application is GOOD FOR LIFE
  • One can protects up to FOUR plates
  • Will NOT wash off or turn yellow.
  • Produces a strong reflection of photo radar flash, helping prevent a costly ticket!
  • Features a FAST spray-on formula
  • Appears INVISIBLE to the naked eye; only you will know it is on your vehicle
  • Offers the BEST alternative for those areas where you are unable to use an anti-radar license plate cover
  • Includes a 30-DAY money back guarantee. 
  • NOT tested independently
  • Rain will wash it off
  • Must be applied regularly
  • NOT permanent
  • Price $29.99 - $49.99 for ONLY 2oz.
  • One bottle is enough for ONLY 3 months.
  • Produces a reflection that is not as powerful as Photoblocker
  • Non-refundable

PhotoShield™ Cover

Our Competitors:

Other covers

  • $25.00; the lowest anywhere
  • Provides a clear non-yellowing cover
  • Protects against ALL camera angles
  • Protects against red-light cameras and photo radar
  • Uses light bending technology, making it very inconspicuous
  • Features an adjustable lens, excellent for personalized plates
  • Eludes most police officers since they can’t tell you have it on.
  • Includes 30-day money back guarantee
  • Price: $34.95 - $49.99
  • Tinted non-yellowing cover
  • Covers MOST camera angles
  • NOT inconspicuous; a strong silver reflection is apparent at certain angles. People will know you have it on
  • NOT adjustable