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Customer Testimonial

I encourage everyone to use PhotoBlocker Spray and products like it. I have personal experience that faulty cameras can issue uncalled for tickets. I’ll be happy when the red-light cameras disappear permanently from every intersection in North Carolina.

Fair studies show that any gains in safety can be attributed to longer duration yellow lights rather than the cameras. Worse, the entire program is a profit-making venture involving deals between our government and a private contractor that creates incentives to issue more citations than is justifiable.

Satisfied Customer

I bought this for my husband and he loved it. We just were able to get this product in the UK and it works. I bought 20 can from a dealer here because my husband runs a mobile maid service and would get photo ticket at least 3-4 times a month, then he would have to find out who was driving... when and try to prove it was the employee to dock their pay.

He applied to all 113 cars WITHOUT telling the Maids... he has not received a ticket in over 3 months. He does not want the people to drive reckless but it has saved him a lot of time and money.

Satisfied Customer

Red-light cameras, speed cameras etc… have nothing to do with safety. If the intersections where the cameras are located are so dangerous, why have the cities not done anything further to reduce the danger? The red-light camera was not a solution to the problem. The problem is the drivers that the police are not seeking to remove from the road.

Protect yourself. The decks are stacked against you. Thanks PhotoBlocker for giving us a fighting chance. I wish you all the best.

Satisfied Customer

Red light, green cash
If you think the idea of a $351 ticket is harsh, try fighting one. Even when the law’s on your side, you’re bound to lose.

By Gary W.

Seeing red

Walking away from the Carol Miller Justice Center, I thought they should take the third word out of the name. I had just seen: a law-enforcement officer practice law without a license, a defendant unable to get discovery evidence for his defense, and a refusal by the judge to allow the defendant to see all the evidence against him. Beyond that, I saw a judge treat the obviously overmatched defendant with a condescending attitude. In one respect, it would appear to be only a red-light-camera case. A ticket. But this is a criminal matter with a huge fine ($351!) and points tacked onto your record, and that leads to a bigger car-insurance bill. But, more importantly, the traffic court is where the majority of people come in contact with the justice system, and to see this kind of steamroller in operation would shake anyone’s confidence in the entire system. (See “Red light, green cash.”) Sitting where the prosecutor should be, and looking like a prosecutor, was a highway patrolman essentially prosecuting the case. He was trained by the red-light-camera company and gave expert testimony by rote. The judge even asked if the officer would like to give closing arguments. There is no district attorney to ask for discovery evidence; the district attorney tells defendants to get it from the law-enforcement agency, which in this case ignored the defendant’s request. When the defendant called out, “Objection,” during the officer’s testimony, the judge ignored the objection and then told the defendant to hold it until later, which defeats the purpose of the objection--to stop evidence from going on the record. When the defendant asked for records regarding the camera, which the officer was testifying about, the judge told the defendant he should have subpoenaed the company before trial. When the nervous defendant would make a mistake in questioning, or a simple misstatement, both the judge and the prosecutor--excuse me, the officer--would look annoyed and roll their eyes.

This outrageous system is meant to expedite trials. It sure made me come to a quick conclusion about the word “Justice” in the name of the building.

Satisfied Customer