Original Denver Police test.

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The PhotoBlocker Spray

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Customer Testimonial

"I bought a pair of photoshields about a year ago. I love them. I haven't got a ticket since. Now I drive with confidences. I don't get stressed out when I go through a yellow light or see a photo-radar van on the side of the road. They are not going to get me again. The first $100 ticket was the last as far as I am concerned. Trust me don't wait till you get zapped.

Satisfied Customer

"Out here down under, our local authorities have gone greedy. They are putting cameras everywhere in the name of safety, but to be booked for doing 63 in a 60 zone is just revenue raising. So I got tired of it and started to fight back. I got me a few of the Photoshield covers and that spray formula. You said it; I haven't got a ticket since. They can kiss my rear end for all they want but they won't know who I am when they look at the film at the end of the day. Thanks phantomplate.

Satisfied Customer