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Customer Testimonial

Before I bought the photoblocker spray I received 3 speeding ticket in less than 2 months.  After I applied photoblocker spray never got one.  I remember several instances where the camera flashed behind me and still didn’t get any tickets.

Satisfied Customer

Although up until the 8th September 2004 I was receiving frequent fines by mail, I have not received one since I applied Photoblocker to my number plates! Good luck with an excellent product. 

Satisfied Customer

Product was easy to apply on both my front and back plates. After 6 months of use it appears to have withstood the elements with no problem. 

I can confirm 3 times when I have had pictures taken of me by speed trap cameras and to date have received NO fines in the post. 

The first instance was the infamous Heidelberg camera's on the N3 highway to Durban 3 months ago and the last incident was a laser camera mounted on a bridge on the M1 highway near Wits University this incident was 2 months ago. 

Satisfied Customer

My family received up to $1500 fine just in red light cameras.  After buying the photoblocker spray from, I was able to spry all of my families car with 3 cans.  We haven’t seen any tickets since then.

Satisfied Customer

This stuff must work I have not received a traffic camera ticket since using photoblocker.  I sprayed it on my SUV about eight months ago and the tickets have stopped coming.  Now I am not scared to open my mail box fearing there will be a ticket.

Satisfied Customer

I purchased a can of Photoblocker Spray about 1 year ago, amazing stuff !!! have never seen a fine since !! I would like to order another can and would like to know who your dealer in Johannesburg is?

Photoblocker Supporter of note 
Satisfied Customer

I've never had a speeding ticket but I never speed ;-) Some of these permanent 40 speed zones are coming out in the most stupid areas. I can understand reducing the speed at school areas when there are kids around, but a lot of them don't need to be 40 when no-one is around - hell, I can ride faster than that on my bike and not get a fine!!
Let's see, buy a can of photoblocker for around $30, or get several +$100 speeding tickets for doing 53 in a 50 zone (they have a 3KM/h leeway in Victoria). I think I know which option I'd prefer.

Satisfied Customer

It would help if there were many more signs indicating the limit for that particular stretch half the time you can travel several semi-rural miles without knowing whether you’re in a 30, 40 or 50 zone!!  So without even knowing the exact speed limit is you get panelized for going 5 miles above the speed limit.  I am not the speeding type but I feel confident and comfortable for using the Photoblocker spray.

Satisfied Customer

I have a problem when a machine decides my violation and the human element is removed. I have a problem companies getting about half of the revenue generated from these machines. What a waste! You could pay an officer to patrol for cheaper, and they would use discretion in writing you a ticket.  Instead of complaining about it I started using the photoblocker spray to protect my plates.

Satisfied Customer

Speed cameras are all about collecting money, not reducing accidents. if you have (something) fitted to your car, not a laser jammer, that tells you to slow down, thats what the police want you to do? slow down, not break the limit then they get £60 and you get 3 points. why is it done so sneakily, hidden transit vans, back of motorbikes? so you cannot see them. By using the photoblocker I am protecting myself from traffic cameras.

Satisfied Customer